Cheer for Kim Stan...

... as the semi-final of Miss Oriental Beauty Pageant begins this coming Friday night at D'Junction. Before that the semi-finalists will be announced first. I'm pretty confident Kim qualified because she really did great during the first heat.

Kim Stan in her cheongsam outfit during the 1st heat. (photo by Radzie)

*fingers crossed* Nuff said. GO KIM GO!!! This is your time to shine. :-) So cheer for Kim this Friday peeps!

This time though, I won't be able to watch Kim in action. I'll be leaving for Singapore to attend a course over the weekends. Got to admit I'm a bit nervous because taking the course is a pretty big step in my life. Tell you all about it next week. In the meantime, I've been sick since last week and currently struggling a bit to recover before my Singapore trip. Heard I'm not alone in this as quite a bunch of friends are not feeling well too. Sucks... Anyway, hope you guys have a good week.


maslight said...

uh oh, at singapore ada tu karipap yang besar tu..I forgot where, my mum owez make ppl coming from singapore to here to bring it for her..i'll ask my mum later XD

IRTeA said...

Astaga massy always talk about food only =.=;;;

Get well soon Dino, I'm also sick haha.

d1n0za said...

maslight - Aiyak... Didn't get to try the karipap. Must try next time!

IRTeA - Hope you're all better now!

BLue said...

nx time come 2 Singapore must look 4 BLue!!!

d1n0za said...

BLue - For sure! Sorry, last trip i had very little time to meet people. Next time! :-)

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