... is the high end digital camera that I'm aiming to get for my everyday use in case an interesting opportunity to shoot a photo or video arises. Originally I was aiming to get a Canon G9 but I wanted to try something of the same range that is different and better. Enter LUMIX DMC-LX3 or LX3 for short. Check out the following videos to see why I chose the LX3.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Digital Camera by - a quick look at what is cool about the LX3

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 review by - a more detailed and technical explanation about LX3 features

Still want to learn more about LX3? Check out the complete review by here --->

*fingers crossed* Hope to get the LX3 by this month. Its not the best out there especially with the release of Canon G10 but it suits my taste at the moment and the price is pretty affordable. Its the next best thing until I actually get myself a new DSLR camera or HD video camera. The later is not gonna happen so soon. For now, I'll just take photos from the web, get some from friends and also recycle old photos for my blog posts. Can't wait to get my hands on the LX3!

p/s: Fara! Kenji will have a buddy soon! ;-)


Aya said...

Ceh! Aku baru mau comment. Ada pula note for me last-last. Hahahaha.

Apa???? ko mau beli Canon g9??? Tak payah. Kenji doesnt want to have a twin step brother. He prefers Lumix and would suggest you to name him susu Dumex coz it's still budak ingus. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

No need to buy DSLR. Sungguh pun ku jealous, but too many DSLR out there. Plus.. u're my dad who likes to 'cucuk langit'. You cant cucuk langit with big dslr. *imagining dad dancing with dslr..Pfffff... OHOHOHOHOHO*

Jokes aside... I think powerful HD Cam suits u most. *boleh tumpang... kof.. kof..*

maslight said...

o.o!!! OMG! I love a lumix! My 2nd camera is a lumix XD

Jason said...

I always wanted to get a Lumix too, mainly for its Leica lense...they still use it right? hehe.. I'm like looking at myself when reading your blog cos I also wanna get a dSLR and a HD video cam. I'm looking at the small Sanyo Xacti now... but it's just browsing. lol

d1n0za said...

Aya - Hmm... Dumex? -_- As for the powerful HD Cam, birthday present ok??? Thanks Fara!!! :-D

maslight - Make it happen! :-D

Jason - Leica lense are still used indeed. Heard the new Xacti model is quite good. Keep browsing. Get more money from chinese new year first! heh...

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