Last Friday, I went to Brunei...

... for a business trip. Talk about timing when I reached Brunei right after the country went through the worst flash flood it ever experienced. On top of that, there was a massive blackout at Gadong(Brunei's main commercial area). Other than that, the business trip still went on pretty smooth and was pretty fruitful. Here are some snapshots from the trip...

Traveled to Brunei by car. It was a long drive that took around 5 hours. A ferry like this has to be boarded to cross a river by car.

We stayed at Brunei Hotel, a very good, decent and affordable hotel to stay in the main city of Bandar Seri Begawan.

The staff at Brunei Hotel are very friendly. Check in was a breeze.

The hotel has its own restaurant called Mawar. It serves simple yet excellent breakfast buffet and a variety of food that is considered to be one of the best in town.

My close friends Wei Chuen and Jacq highly recommended me to visit this Japanese restaurant.

The interior is cozy and attractive. The place is packed when I came in. I was told this happens almost every night.

Star of the show and the reason why I was recommended to come to Excapade. Salmon sashimi! Honestly... THE BEST I EVER TASTED. Really good and fresh.

My staff and I are very satisfied customers.

Thought this shot was interesting. Taken in one of the hotels I visited.

This mosque looked beautiful at night.

One of the souvenirs to buy in Brunei. Contains real Brunei oil. For those who don't know, Brunei's oil is the reason why the country is one of the richest in the world.

Me and Cynthia Bong. She is the manager of Brunei Hotel. A kind, nice and resourceful woman. She made the business trip really fruitful. My staff and I learned a lot from her. Thank you Cynthia!

Thats pretty much the photos I took in Brunei. I was pretty busy there running around here and there. Didn't get much time for sight seeing. Special thanks to my good friend and Cynthia's son Jonathan Bong from Breeze magazine who made this trip possible. Leave you peeps with an interesting conversation my staff had with a man in a shopping mall while looking for Excapade restaurant.

staff: Excuse me sir. Do you know where I can find Excapade restaurant?

man: Sorry, I don't know where that is.

staff: Is there any information counter nearby?

man: What is that?



Aya said...

I stayed there FOC when my Brunei Airline flight back from Perth to KK got canceled (we suppose to transit in Brunei). Hohohoho. Free stuff is always besh~ Hohohohoho~

maslight said...

*conpius conversation

Jennifer said...

alalala... when i saw ur salmon sashimi pic terus sa mengidam oh... anderson & myself just back from KK too by road, i can say our trip this time is very smooth. On the way back to Miri dat time, we singgah tu Excapade in KB, apa lagi... tapau lah... the portion is byk and worth it with the price... i miss it!!!

jacq said...

hey u tried the salmon sashimi! And glad u liked it! A visit to Excapade is must for me and WC whenever we go to Brunei, but we always go to KB branch as it's closer to where my sis stays. And looking at that sashimi pic.. waaaahhh drooling already!

d1n0za said...

Aya - Punya best!

maslight - heh

Jennifer - I'm missing it already big time! *stomach growl*

jacq - Will try the KB branch next time! Hmm... I wonder if got KK branch soon.

Cherrylynnie said...

Punya main tebal itu salmon! *sluurp*

d1n0za said...

Kick kan? :-)

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