Goodbye IT Station...

... for I'll be missing this small IT retail shop of mine a lot. After sitting down and having a long discussion with my partner Patsy last week, we finally decided to close down IT Station. Born two years ago, IT Station was one of the side business that I invested on. I loved this shop a lot. Although I wasn't there every single day, it was my part of my heart and soul. It had quite a number of happy loyal based customers and it was one of the very few shops that actually brought in original games. Despite the numerous efforts to promote IT Station, it was finally time for it to close down. Why close down? Sometimes it is best to surrender to reality to avoid a worse future. The economy this year is bad and the much larger supplier/retail company will eventually have a much better chance of surviving compared to my tiny little shop. Plus, these large companies purchase large amount of stock items and sell them at prices lower than the cost prices of smaller shops like mine. Key phrase 'lower that our own cost price'. With that said, it is merely a losing battle in an already much crowded IT retail market.

Enough talk. Bottom line, Patsy and I has made our decision and its for the best. Right now we're concentrating on our closing sale, which will last till the 15th of this month. One more week to go. So if any of you peeps are interested, please check out IT Station(2nd floor, Kompleks Asia City) during this closing sale period. We're selling PC and accessories(keyboard, mouse, headset, etc) at low prices. Here are the pc set on sale:

PC set offers --->

AMD Sempron 1200+ Set RM880

AMD Athlon x2 4800+ Set RM1,000.00

AMD Athlon x2 5200+ Set RM1,050.00

All sets come with DVD Writer, 2GB DDR2 Memory, 160GB SATA Hard Drive, Speakers, Keyboard, Optical Mouse.

16" ACER LCD Monitor RM430.00

17" ACER LCD Monitor RM490.00

Thus, the closing down of IT Station is somewhat a setback to the beginning of my 2009. But as mentioned, its for the best. Better quit now then suffer more...


[Large and in charge] said...

There's always the "silver lining" dood. Cheers.

d1n0za said...

Large and in charge - Cheers bro!

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