The best nap...

... was what I had just a while ago. Nothing beats napping in the rain and I know i had a really good one with my eyes wide open and whole self feeling fresh and energized. I napped from 5pm and woke up at 7.30pm. A solid two and a half hours of precious nap. The heavy rain that started earlier in the evening is still going on outside the house till now. I hope my sleep later will be just as satisfying. Its been a while since I had a really good sleep. Having problems lately waking up in the middle of the sleep around 4-5am. Guess theres a lot in my head and even an extreme exhaustion from a long day of activities still couldn't prevent me from waking up during those hours. Thus, I never really had enough sleep for quite some time now and have to make up for it with naps like I just had. Sigh... How I crave for at least 6 hours of peaceful non-stop sleep.

Sleep aside, I went downstairs to watch tv for a while after my nap and stumbled upon one of Take That's live concert on screen. For those who don't know, Take That is basically Europe's answer to the legendary American boy band New Kids On The Block. They're one of the best things that ever came to Europe's music industry. Although I'm not much of a big fan, I do love some of their songs especially one entitled Never Forget. Ironically, that was the exact song that Take That was performing in their live concert as I switched on the tv. So I leave you peeps now with a video of the live performance of Never Forget that I just watched. Keep a lookout for the amazing background special effects that blends in animation and actual performers on stage. Plus, also check out the wonderful lyrics just below the video.

Take That - Never Forget (Live 2007 tour)

Been on this path of life for so long
Feel I've walked a thousand miles
Sometimes strolled hand in hand with love
Everybodys been there
With danger on my mind I would stay on the line of hope
I knew I could make it
Once I knew the boundaries I looked into the clouds and saw
My face in the moonlight
Just then I realised what a fool I could be
Just cause I look so high I dont have to see me
Finding a paradise wasn't easy but still
Theres a road going down the other side of this hill

Never forget where you've come here from
Never pretend that its all real
Someday soon this will be someone elses dream

Been safe from the arms of disappointment for so long
Feel each day we've come too far
Yet each day seems to make much more
Sure is good to be here
I understand the meaning of i cant explain this feeling
Now it feels so unreal
At night I see the hand that reminds me of the stand I make
The fact of reality

Never forget where you've come here from
Never pretend that its all real
Someday soon this will be someone elses dream

We've come so far and we've reached so high
And we've looked each day and night in the eye
And we're still so young and we hope for more
But remember this
We're not invincible, we're not invincible - no
We're only people, we're only people
Hey we're not invincible, we're not invincible
So again I'll tell you

Never forget where you've come here from
Never pretend that its all real
Someday soon this will be someone elses dream

So never forget peeps. Hope you all had a great weekend. :-)


maslight said...

ehem, kalau ko sakit and had ur meds, you can have enuff sleep LOL.

like wut happen to me last nite. I slept around 9pm, i woke up around 4am feeling energized. Exactly 8 hours of sleep. GG

d1n0za said...

maslight - But i do have my meds. *cough-cough* heh... Jokes aside, I'm suppose to take this flu medicine tonight that will help me get a good sleep.

8 hours of sleep?! GG I crave!

Aya said...


Morning - Work
Evening - Workout
Night till morning - Cucuk Langit

Can cukup tidur bah kan dad?


d1n0za said...

Aya - *kof* *kof*

Serenadez said...

wow! so nice that you get to have that "elusive" best nap.. i've had so little of that.. huhu...

the video was amazing. XD thanks for sharing!

d1n0za said...

Serenadez - Hope you have more nice naps. ;-) I need real sleep!

No probs on sharing the video. Great stuff indeed! XD

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