People Who Matters, What 2009 Has Meant For Me

2010 is fast approaching. Deep breath... I'm in a long thought of what has gone through in my life since the beginning of this year. The last time I was in this thought was just before my birthday on September. I talked about how I achieved quite a number of things during 2009. Business, entertainment, sports, personal improvement and so much more. Only a certain bunch have seen me go through my achievements and this same bunch as well saw the pain and heartaches that went along with it. I owe it to this bunch. They are people who matters to me.

I am not perfect, so are you and these people as well. Even so, these are the people with the character and personality that changed my life for the better. To be where I am now is not possible without them. Some things in life especially the big ones, we can't do it alone. But to have them help me in the first place is for me not think about myself and for me be there for them sincerely. Not many out there understand this as the world we live in is plagued by those we can't trust plus the deception of money and power. So for what its worth, for you people who matters to me, thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and will be there for you too.

Then there are those who are very dear and precious to me. Without a doubt, one of them is my daughter. My parents... And another who doesn't require mentioning. These are the ones I would do more than just to rise above to ensure the goodness of their well being. Straight from the heart and nothing more. If they're happy, I'm happy. They're my love and joy. I care for them a great deal.

Another deep breath... Happy New Year in advance to all of you. There are many more for me to achieve in this life and I'm sure for you too. Remember... Whatever it is, don't forget those who stand by your side no matter what. They are the people who matters. They are the ones who really care for you and appreciate you for who you are.

For you I will

She sent an email lately with the photo above. The title of the email was 'Will you do this for me?'. Coming from her, it meant a lot to me. Without hesitation, I told her YES. To be honest, I never really did the bend down thingy. So this will be quite an experience that I'm looking forward to. *fingers crossed* Question is the right time and moment in the future. Christmas tree... Snow... Hmm...

Elysium preview - part 2

As said in my previous post, I now present to you the teaser video to Elysium! The date has been confirmed. Elysium will officially open this coming December 18th! So for you clubbers out there who happen to be in KL this month, mark your calendar to come check it out. Time for a new clubbing experience.

Elysium fan page! --->

p/s: Next up... Elysium's KK crew!

Elysium preview

From a one night photo shoot to weeks of stills and video production, I have been busy getting involved with the promotion of Elysium. Elysium is an upcoming hot new club opening in Kuala Lumpur this month. So keep a look out for you party goers who happen to be in KL. Will update more with an upcoming teaser video that has just finished production.

Elysium fan page! --->

Weekend of dance!

From salsa on a Saturday night to a long afternoon of bboy performances, my weekend was all about these genre of dance.

images from A Night Of Salsa

image and video from Redbull Battle of Borneo 3X3 BBoy Event

A short clip from the finals. Hybrid vs Giler Battle!

Redbull Battle of Borneo 3X3 BBoy Event!

I actually got selected as a guest judge for this event! Eating breakfast now at Dome 1Borneo while waiting for the event to start soon. Can't wait to check out cool moves from the local bboys. Tournament will start 12ish. So come today people! Support our local talents!

Here is a quick video showcasing bboys from japan vs bboys from korea. Hope I get to see some big moves like in this battle today.

Lets Salsa!

I always wanted to learn how to dance. Last month I had the chance to join a salsa class, which I turned down for mandarin class. Regretted the decision because the mandarin class never took off due to lack of students. But I have paid... :-S Anyway, tonight I'm part of the crew taking care of the A Night Of Salsa event. Its tonight so I urge you people out there to come and attend if you're up for some dancing. Don't worry about being a beginner because there will be dancers around to teach you basics. Good enough to have a fun filled time. By the way, I'm a beginner myself. So don't feel embarrassed and don't miss this one of a kind event down here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Lets Salsa!

for more info on the event --->

Check out the video below featuring a Salsa scene from my favorite movie 'Dance With Me'.


She is growing up to be quite a beauty. As a dad, I sense the possibility of lots of guys going after her in the future. Theres already a 3 year old boy wanting to marry her. No joke! The boy went up to me and said "Can I marry Hannah?". Hmm... Should I invest on a shotgun to filter out the bad boys? heh... :-)

Back with a million things to do...

Breath in... Breath out... I'm back to the blogging scene. Such a long while indeed. I always say I'm busy and I realize I'm getting busier and busier every moment. Life has taken me to new heights and realization of how much higher I can go. From meeting new people to coming up new ideas for a better future... There has been so much input in my life now, which means so much I need to work out and let out. Its time to produce better results. Results that matters.

Some things I have been busy with lately...

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 - After much hard work with the committee, SBG2009 was finally held last month on the 31st. The event was a success with over 50 bloggers dressing up in amazing costumes! There is room for improvement so looking forward to a bigger and better SBG2010!

Check out the details and happenings of SBG2009 here --->

photo above by Fara(

A Night Of Salsa - Been promoting this event for quite some time now. Its gonna be a wonderful night for all from total beginners to experts this Saturday night. So you dancers out there or those who have been wanting to learn, come over to this event. For more info --->

secret projects - From possible new business setups to promoting up & coming new hot club in Kuala Lumpur, a lot of brainstorming and work are occurring even at this very moment. Big changes are about to happen... :-)

More posts coming. I'm back at the blogging scene.


I finally found someone...

Perro Loco!

Introducing Perro Loco! New place in town selling South American hot dogs! Click on the image above to have a better look at the map to see where it is located.

Perro Loco just opened today and I came by for lunch to support the opening. The place is opened by the sister of my good friend Rainer and her husband. Overall Perro Loco has a nice simple environment with a South American feel and yes the food is excellent! Do come by and check it out yourself especially if you want to try something fresh and different in KK. Opens from 10am to 6pm.

Assaults on cars in KK!

Sometime around 8pm yesterday, I received a phone call from my friend who just told me his car got attacked by three guys at the pedestrian crossing between the bus station and Wawasan Plaza. My friend with 3 passengers was stopping for the red light at that time when his car window was smashed and the rest of the car was constantly kicked and punched. Luckily right after the car's window was smashed, the traffic light turned green and he managed to drive away. Thank god no one got any serious injury. Police report was made and it turned out 2 other cars were attacked as well around the same time. One was at Api Api and the other at Wawasan Plaza. So the attackers who were suspected high on drugs were making their way from Api Api to the bus station and attacked the cars along their path. This incident is a real shocker for me. All happened around 7pm along public areas. People in KK do be careful out there on the road. Please lock your car when you're inside. Hope those attackers get caught!

Australia Red Haze!

Remember KK had a haze problem like a month back? Well I just saw the news in BBC today and apparently Sydney is now red like the whole place is on Mars! Apparently this is caused by a dust storm that is creating a red haze. Check out the following video taken by one of the citizens.

More about the red haze here.


I've been out of touch lately with the current movie scene so it is time to update since I'm a movie buff. As I was surfing the net for info, I stumbled upon Avatar and I'm so glad I did! Its the upcoming movie by one of my all time favorite director James Cameron(Aliens 2, Terminator 2, Titanic). Check out the trailer below to see why am I so excited to watch this movie. Avatar will be released this year on 17th December. Currently my no.1 must watch movie this year! :-D

teaser trailer

gifts on the 17th

Alain Delon pen & card holder. Thanks Boy!

Cool SEED shirt from Jessica!

A compilation of items from Mr. Kelvin, Mei and co.!

Finally! I have a water filter at home. Gone are the years of drinking... *kof* *kof* ... mineral water. You're the best Kelvin!

Excellent thermo pot. Guys, you know who you are so thanks for this gift!

I now have a proper shoe rack at home! Love you Mei!

Jaco & Julia gave me this... I can't say what it is but apparently it has something to do with 'the right moment'. haha

Finally special thanks to those who gave me gifts in the form of 'bottles'. All these gifts certainly put a smile on my face. Much appreciated! :-)

32 at 23

So I'm 32 now. How did I celebrate my birthday recently on the 17th? Just keep it plain and simple by holding a barbeque & potluck session with friends and loved ones at my good old house number 23. Fantastic night that ended up fun and crazy.

Thank you to all that came! You guys rock! Check out photos during that night at Thanks Kent for being the photographer! You too Jacq! I know you made the effort to take some shots. :-)

p/s: Thank you too to all that wished me happy birthday for the past week. Much appreciated!

Less than 24 hours...

... and I'll be... yeah, a year older. So am I nervous? Do I feel old? Nah. I achieved more than I ever could at my age now than at least the last 5 years of my life. Looking forward to achieve more with the coming new age. Can't type much now. Busy preparing the house for a get together session with friends and loved ones tomorrow night. All I just wanna say for now is thank you to those who made me who I am now. I leave you all with this video below to cheer up your day. Thanks again. You all are the best!

p/s: Appreciate the little help from my friends. :-)

A Monday full of different thoughts...

Here I am in the office full of different thoughts...

with my Ultimate Frisbee mates in KL two months ago

KL/Singapore trip - Just two days away from my holiday. Yes, I'm finally having a real holiday. Unfortunately not anyway far and exotic. Just same ol' KL and Singapore. But instead of a course or tournament, this time I'm just there to purely enjoy myself and have a good time.

KK Improv - Yesterday, the KK Improv team did our 5th Improv workshop. So proud to be in this team and we had such a great time yesterday with the 15 people who attended. Those who joined the workshop were from all walks of life and ended having so much fun & laughter together. The video above is a teaser of what we went through yesterday. Can't wait for the 6th workshop in October!

Canon HV30 - I was watching this beautiful video called Blue, which was shot using a Canon HV30. I can't help missing having this video cam in my hands. At one point, I was really into learning about video shooting and editing. The HV30 didn't even last a year in my possession due to an accident. It died along with my dedication to be a videographer. Now I'm just left with a dream that I will have to live up on another day.

Birthday - Its getting really close now and I can't help looking back at the joy & happiness and the pain & heartaches I went through since my last one. One thing that I learned a great deal after all the experience is for me to LIVE LIFE.

p/s : 10 more days...


Yesterday I spent a whole day off with Hannah. The highlight would be us visiting the Doulos ship for the first time. Doulos is famous for it's onboard book fair. Every now and then the ship will stop by Kota Kinabalu. For like at least the previous 10 years, I have never visited the Doulos. So it was a great experience especially since its Hannah's first time as well. Great crew and quite a handful of books to look at. Had a slight frustration though coz I forgot to bring my camera. So all I have is a postcard that I took a picture of with my hands and Hannah's holding it as our special memory together. Quality time well spent. :-)

More about Doulos --->

SBG2009 promo poster photo shoot

behind the scenes shots

Last night was pretty tiring but well worth it. As mentioned in my previous post, I was in charge of supervising the photo shoot for Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 promo posters. Introducing the crew...

co-supervisor, director - Marissa(
photographer - George Yong(
makeup - Joanna Lye(
models - Rainer Yong(, Cheryl Lo(, Beverly Tam(

I like to thank the crew for making this photo shoot possible. A quick shout out to Chris Pereira( for helping out with the lighting for a short while. You all did a great job! Can't wait to see the finished results when the posters are done.

SBG2009 photo shoots

Around 2 weeks earlier, I was involved in a photo shoot with the Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009 committee. The shoot was for promotional purposes for the upcoming event in October. I personally enjoyed it because it was my first one in a studio and had lots of fun with the committee crew. Special thanks to George Yong from Jofanna Bridal for making this possible. Dude, you're the best! Check out the photos taken below.

Tomorrow night there will be another photo shoot but this time I'm the coordinator. The shoot will be for SBG2009 promo posters. I can't disclose much for now but it is similar to the photo shoot I supervised for last year's Halloween party at Jade pub. Below, are the results of the shoot.

Will post about tomorrow night's photo shoot soon. Till then I'm just in the office wanting so much to go home and enjoy a good sleep during this rainy day. I leave you all now with the classic Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly. Happy Tuesday!

So little time...

After like a month, I'm finally back at the blogging scene. In that one month, I find myself more occupied than ever before. Too many activities in my life has got me into having very little sleep. It went that bad until I was diagnosed by the doctor for over exhaustion and stress. This was two weeks ago by the way. Since then, I've been trying to cut down my activities but its never that easy. You peeps know the feeling 'once you're done with 1 task, 3 more comes in.'? But I'm better now. I find myself more in control of myself and getting better at time management. As you can see, I'm blogging now right? :-) So what in the world I have been so busy about? Too many to mention and yes, so little time. Will blog about it one at a time. For now, I'm just glad to be back at the blogging scene.

Oh! Before I go, I am proud to announce Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 will be at 31st October(Halloween Day) 2009. For those who don't know, I'm actually one of the organizers of last year's Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008. The team and I are working hard to make SBG2009 a bigger event than last year's so we're expecting all you Sabahan bloggers out there to come to the event! Please check out all the details at the SBG2009 Facebook page.

SBG2009 Facebook page --->


Here i am in my office looking through my huge amount of emails, making and receiving calls and thinking what I'm gonna blog about next. A typical busy day. And yup, I always try to make a point to squeeze in some precious time for myself to blog. Personal time just for me that I find myself struggling for all the time.

So today I wanted to blog about paintball but as I looked through my emails, I found one really interesting email. Sent by my friend Valerie Tai from Sarawak, the content of the email was a video of an inspirational speech given by a doctor that recently passed away. The speech was given months before his death. I urge you all to view this video now.

Inspiring isn't it? Certainly made my day.

p/s: Rest in peace Dr. Randy Pausch.

the ULTIMATE experience

Borneo Bristleheads 2009 - photo by Johnny Wong

Last weekend was one of the most memorable weekend of my life. Full of excitement and misfortunes. :-) As you probably know from my previous post, I left to Nilai last weekend to join the Inti-Taylor's Open Ultimate Frisbee tournament. I reached Nilai last Friday night only to end up with my team mates at the wrong hotel(&%@#$! taxi driver) and we had to walk a few hundred meters to the actual one. Nilai Hotel is probably the easiest and yet the hardest hotel to find at the same time. Go figure. But this didn't dampened Borneo Bristleheads team spirit and we were pumped up for the tournament the next day.

photos by Fred Fawzul

The day after was nerve wrecking and yet exciting too. This was my first ever Ultimate Frisbee tournament. It was held at Inti College's sports field at Nilai. The atmosphere was great. Most of the tournament players are high school/college/university students. Met quite a bunch of players that were friendly. The Borneo Bristleheads on the other hand is an underdog team of a ragtag bunch of players of different size and age from all walks of life. After enduring a whole day session of intense games under the grueling hot sun and sometimes strong wind that affected the player's throws, the Borneo Bristleheads can finally took a breather and be proud of ourselves. It took us 5 well fought games of 4 wins and 1 lost to claim the title of pool B/division 2 champions with an overall place of 5th out of 12 teams. Our only loss was to the overall champion The Lions. This was Borneo Bristleheads best ever performance that made my senior team mates and our captain Ken Kassem really proud. Our team certainly made an impact in the Malaysian Ultimate Frisbee scene as a team not to be taken for granted. Certainly not an underdog anymore. We rocked!

Tournament ended during the late evening and myself with a few other team mates were ready to move to Replica Inn in KL. We were to join up with the rest of the team mates in KL for dinner and then celebrate our team performance in a club. But my team mates and I arrived at Replica Inn only to discover our room bookings were mistakenly canceled(@#$^*! staff) and there were no more rooms available. Bummer... We had to move up and down the street browsing through at least 4 hotels before finally found one that has vacancy. At this point, we quickly took our shower and just look forward to party the night away. Thats exactly what happened as our team partied at Quattro and had a good time. As everyone went home after, the taxi I was in broke down midway back to the hotel. Talk about bad luck huh? Luckily after 5 minutes of pushing the taxi in the middle of a big traffic jam, the taxi was fine again and I safely went back to my hotel.

Woke up to a beautiful Sunday and spent some time hanging out with the some of my team mates. Returned back to KK that night and it feels good to be at home. So the weekend might have some misfortunes with taxis and hotels but for what its worth, I was so much happier being able to experience a good tournament and to share the weekend with my wonderful team mates. The ULTIMATE experience. Wish I had extra time to tell you more about it. All I can say is I just went home smiling. :-)

p/s: Hope you peeps had a good weekend too.

eat, drink, sleep Ultimate Frisbee

group photo from my 1st Ultimate Frisbee session(courtesy of

5 more days... before the big Inti-Taylor's Open Ultimate Frisbee tournament this Saturday at Nilai. This will be my big break after falling in love with this sport since I first played last year. Time to truly experience Ultimate Frisbee full on and meet players outside Sabah.

Went through some intensive training last weekend with my Borneo Bristleheads team mates. I still need to improve a lot. Borneo Bristleheads is the only team from Sabah joining the tournament. Tomorrow evening 6pm-8pm, some of us will be hitting 1st beach Tanjung Aru for some practice games. Do drop by and watch us play to see what Ultimate Frisbee is all about. Check out the video below to see how an Ultimate Frisbee tournament is like.

Gotta train as much as I could. So it is eat, drink, sleep Ultimate Frisbee for the next 5 days.

p/s: Captain Ken's words are ringing in my head... "Dino, you gotta visualize!"


Deep down inside I'm wishing to be with that one person to grow old with. Yeah, life can be really lonely at times and I miss having a special someone by my side. Anyway, enjoy the beautiful stop motion film below made by the brilliant Carlos Loscano.

p/s: Someday...

Escape to Mantanani

Still hoping to get my long vacation soon. Till then, last week I managed to get a much needed one day retreat at Mantanani.

"Mantanani Islands are a group of three isolated islands located northwest of Kota Belud, about an hour’s drive from the state capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. These islands are approximately 45 minutes boat ride by speedboat from the mainland.

The islands boasts of crystal clear blue waters filled with a myriad of marine life and white sandy beaches fringed by coconut palm trees. One of the main reasons that Mantanani Islands is popular for local and tourists alike is because of its picturesque scenery, cool breezes and serene environment."

Sad but true, I never really been for an island trip. Well I've been to one before long time ago but that trip doesn't really count coz I hardly did anything other than walking around. So this particular trip to Palm Beach at Mantanani Island means a lot to me. I was walking and running on the beautiful white sands of Mantanani. Even managed to play frisbee and volleyball with Ultimate Frisbee buddies Ritchie and Mark that by chance were in the same trip wtih me. Oh and how I enjoyed lying down on a hammock with the cool breeze passing around. What I really enjoyed the most during the trip was...

Snorkeling! I had phobia of drowning in the sea especially when I don't know how to swim(another sad but true case of me). But snorkeling got rid of the phobia for me. Which is important coz snorkeling and learning how to swim are what I want to achieve before completing one of my 2009 resolution of getting a diving license.

Anyway, I now proclaim snorkeling as my new found hobby. Its a lot of fun and at right spots, the view underwater is amazing.

Great moments indeed during the trip especially with my fellow staff Ellen and Marcella. Special thanks to Elaine Rajah, the Scuba Paradise representative that arranged the trip as part of promoting the island tour package at my workplace. Elaine, you're cool and I had a blast! Can't wait to return to Mantanani again one day.

p/s: If you are interested to take a trip to Mantanani, do contact Elsie 088-266695/013-8681011 or visit Scuba Paradise website at for more details.